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Kristen Clark

IET Master Instructor

Reiki Practitioner

What to Expect During Your First Appointment

I want you to feel comfortable and secure in your entire experience. To make sure you are prepared for your intake appointment, here is a brief description of what to expect during your visit.


We Discuss Your History and Expectations

Your intake appointment is when we start to get to know you and figure out how to plan out your Healing Session experience. During your intake appointment, I will ask you questions in order to discover:

  • what is bringing you stress

  • what you want to address during your sessions

  • what changes you want to make in your life

  • what it will take for you to be the happy person you want to be

  • what you want to gain from your time at Espoir

  • what services you will require to ensure complete positive change from a holistic perspective

This includes briefly discussing your background, history, and current lifestyle. 


First Session is 90 minutes (30 min Intake, 45 min energy work, 15 min discussion and grounding)

How to Get Started

All sessions are available by appointment only. Please schedule an intake appointment if you are a first time client by clicking book now below.


I'm always happy to try to answer any questions you may have fill out the contact form to reach out.

Still have questions about Energy Healing?

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