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Cut  + Hair  Magic

Espoir New Client Cut

A Cut appointment with an extended consult to go over history, get to know you and your lifestyle, and educate our clients with best tips and tricks. Mini detox and amino acid treatment included, wash and style with hot towels and aromatherapy.


Best for: Our first appointment together.



Espoir Cut with Hair & Scalp Facial  


Get the best shortcut for looking and feeling amazing every day with a haircut that's customized to complement your style and face. Relax, invigorate and detox with a deep mineral wash and deep condition mask for healthy hair & scalp.


Best for: Existing Clients. 

Looking for a cut without all the frills? 

Fringe Trim  

Enhance your face shape and craft a unique blend of softness and edge with a customized bangs trim.  


Best for: maintaining your fringe in between haircut appointments

Curl Boost Treatment $90

Treat your curls and bring them back to life with a detox cleansing shampoo, Olaplex Bond, and deep condition heat treatment. Restore moisture and repair damage, finished with a simple style.

Best for: hair that has natural curl

Dual Rescue Treatment

Give your hair a clean slate with a Detox Steam Bath and Olaplex Bond treatment that soothes hair and scalp symptoms and reinvigorates your hair's protein structure.  A relaxing 60-minute treatment, finished with a simple style. 

Best for: dandruff, dryness, dullness, damage, tangles, curl bounce, and smoothness

Olaplex Bond

Prolong color, repair split ends, and add bounce to your curls with our industry's very first hair rebonder. 8 patents to rebond disulfide bonds--the protein structure that gives your hair its shape, elasticity, and strength. 

Best for: curl bounce, smoothness, tangles, and dullness

Best with: length and curl cuts, all color

Is Olaplex really that important?


Take Control of your Curls.

Whether you have wavy, curly, or super curly hair, it's my passion to help people embrace the hair texture they were born with. 

After deciding to embrace my own curls I realized that there are many people who don't know how to take care of their own texture and instead end up "fixing" their curly hair with heat and chemicals, which usually results in unhealthy, high maintenance hair. 

So I decided to seek out more education and learn how to help other curly girls embrace their natural hair.  I believe naturally textured hair needs to be loved, not fixed. 

I work with all different hair textures and can customize a haircut to your individual curls. I also recommend styling products and techniques that will help you make your curls last in between wash days. 

All types of curls require different love and I'm here to help guide you toward conquering your curls. 

What to expect with your curly hair appointment:

Curly Cuts are meant for people who want to wear their hair curly 24/7. I work with all different hair textures and can customize a haircut to your curls. When you come to the salon for a curly appointment you'll want to arrive with your hair dry and styled curly so I can properly select products and suggest styles and curl care techniques that would work best for your unique curls.

How to prepare for your curly hair appointment:

  • With your hair styled curly, do not brush out your curls.

  • Don't come with your hair in a ponytail, bun, twists, straightened, or teased. 

  • If your hair tangles easily, please come to your appointment with your hair detangled, if you aren't familiar with the curly girl method it's best to wash your hair and detangle in the shower while it's wet on the day of your appointment. 

  • If you show up for your appointment unprepared we may need to reschedule due to time constraints. This would result in a cancellation fee of 30% of the scheduled service. 


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