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Release Stress and Tension from Mind and Body

Have you ever been so stressed that you could feel your body physically tensing up? What if you could release the tension from your body altogether by attacking the source of it?


Through Integrated Energy Therapy, you can do just that.

You can release pent up stress and trauma from your body’s cells, which store negative energy the same way they store energy from food or exercise. This releases that physical tension that causes your body to tighten up.


Just as a lack of energy can make you feel tired, “blockages” in your body’s flow of energy can also make you feel grouchy, sad or angry. Through integrated energy therapy, we release the blockages caused by pent-up negativity and free your body’s energy to move through you, improving your mood and your potential.


Most importantly – energy therapy doesn’t require you to re-live or re-visit the trauma of your past in order to find relief. This can be especially important for victims of abuse or other, similarly traumatized individuals. For some, discussing those difficult topics just causes more distress, so trying another method to relieve that pain can be life-saving.


Intergrated Energy Therapy

What is IET?

Integrated Energy Therapy (IET) is one of the next generation - hands on - power energy therapy systems that get the “issues out of your tissues” for good!  


Developed at the Center of Being, by Stevan J. Thayer, IET uses the violet angelic energy ray, as brought to us through the nine Healing Angels of the Energy Field, to work directly with your 12 Strand Spiritual DNA. IET supports you in safely and gently releasing limiting energy patterns of your past, empowering and balancing your life in the present, and helps you to reach for the stars as you evolve into your future.

IET is higher in frequency than the Reiki energy ray.  Whereas the primary gift of the Reiki ray is physical healing, the primary gift of the IET ray is emotional, mental, and spiritual clearing.  The IET ray can support the clearing of energy blockages and cellular memories that result from this lifetime. The IET energy works to energetically restructure your body's 12 strands DNA and supports you in remembering and living the true expression of your soul's purpose in this lifetime.

The term “Integrated” was chosen in the name to convey the healing vision of “integrating the pain of the past, into the power of the present, to bring about the joy of the future”. It has been a privilege to see Integrated Energy Therapy live up to this vision.

In IET, we work with the integration channel, a special channel that serves to rebalance the energy of the body's cellular memory.  Rebalancing of energy within the integration channel is self-directing and self-regulating.  As practitioners, we work to support the body's natural ability to establish and maintain proper balance of this channel. 

IET cannot be used to diagnose, treat or heal disease and not intended to replace traditional medical approaches.  As IET practitioners, we interpret energy flow, treat the energy body and support our clients in the self-healing process.  Our clients are the healers; we are the facilitators.


The IET Mission is to “Heal the world one-heart-at-a-time”.  Since 1994 IET has spread from its origins in New Jersey to New York, New England and beyond. Today, IET is practiced in 75 countries including Croatia, Hungary, Denmark, Guatemala, Nepal, Slovenia, Sweden, and Uzbekistan.

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