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These are maintenance prices only. If you are a new client or if it has been longer than 6 months since your last visit, or you are a current client but wanting to make a change you'll want to check out my prices HERE

Prices are subject to change at any time and can change based on your hair length, texture, density, and situation.


Book this if you: Have gray you need colored, or go darker all over than your natural, need a tone refresh for highlights, or if you have very short hair and get a few highlights without an all over color, or if you have longer hair and want to touch up hairline highlights only. Includes haircut or treatment. 


 about 2 hours


Book this if you are generally happy with your color but just want to bring the highlights up and refresh the over-all tone without lightening the ends at all. Or if you are feeling too light and want to add depth back in with little to no additional lightening. Includes haircut OR treatment OR root touch up.


 about 3 hours


Book this if you want to brighten up your all over look while maintaining dimension, if you want to lighten your ends as well as bring up the highlights, if you want to add depth as well as highlights, or you need grey roots covered but also want highlights. Includes haircut or treatment.


about 4 hours


A La Carte is available for returning guests

Haircut The Jade 55

Retouch 75

Solid Color or tone refresh 126+

Mini highlight 85

Partial highlight 150

Full head of highlights 205

Add 25 for long hair

Add 25 for thick hair

Add 25 for coarse hair

I created packages to lessen the price confusion. I dislike going to the salon with my long thick hair not knowing what charges I will have at the end of the service. No surprises here!


Packages Bundle everything together that is necessary to reach your goal and maintain healthy gorgeous locks of hair.


When coming in to the salon to enjoy the Pearl Package we do an in depth consultation and I use this service breakdown to give you your dream hair.


Still unsure what to book?

Fill out the contact from below with a description of what you'd like please allow 1- 2 business days for a response, Tuesday-Saturday.

Thanks for submitting!

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