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 Boutique d'espoir

Trendy Crochet for the modern woman

Espoir is a French word for Hope. Several years ago I was known as the Bow Lady around town, I started out making large orders of cheerleading bows for our local youth cheer program. That grew to requests of everyday hair bows. I soon added sewn pillowcase dresses, I spy bags and crocheted items to my list of products. I had a booth in the Noblesville farmers market for several seasons, opened a boutique space in Whimzy on the square and kept an online presence on Etsy. A few years ago I closed down my boutique & Etsy shop to focus on my Hair Salon Suite, looking back I wish I had kept it running on a small scale. My salon name grew from my boutique name. My middle name is Hope and I wanted to continue to use it as part of my Business name but Hope Boutique and salon was to long and didn't feel right. I have had a slight unexplainable obsession with Paris and the French language so Espoir Hair Salon was chosen.  

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For The Little One

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