Effortless Hair Color.

Lived-in hair color is for the busy woman who wants amazing, multidimensional hair color without having to visit the salon every 4-6 weeks. 

Using hair painting techniques I create beautiful natural looking hair color that will make you feel confident whether you want to be a blonde bombshell or boho babe. 

Low-maintenance means you only need to visit the salon every 2-3 months for a gloss refresh and every 6 months for a balayage retouch. How amazing would that be?  Amazing hair and more time to live your best life

I believe Lived-in color is so versatile and can be specialized to anyone's preferences and needs. It's a gentle process that leaves your hair looking effortless and healthy

What to expect out of your balayage appointment:

  • Balayage(hair painting) is for the babe that wants amazing hair, but doesn't want the upkeep of traditional highlights.

  • Depending on the desired look and where we are starting balayage is 100% session work. Meaning, you may not get your dream hair in one session as it’s a healthier lifting process, but it’s also lower maintenance. Who doesn't love that?

  • Maintenance can include a gloss refresh every 2-3 months and a balayage retouch every 6 months. No more salon visits every six weeks! 

  • I try to keep all sessions under 2-4 hours, but depending on density and length of hair it could be more.  

  • Come to your appointment with your hair clean and dry. 

  • If you come unprepared for your appointment we may need to reschedule due to time constraints. This would result in a cancellation fee of 30% of the service price.