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A new colour line? Why and what does that mean?

I am dedicated to bringing the best products into the salon!

It's important to me that the products I use are eco friendly, safe for my guests, non toxic , & Cruelty-Free.

To find out why I'm going to switch over to IDHair Paint Free colour keep reading!

•71 unique colours

• Permanent delicate colour

Ammonia free

• Anti-Aging

Care System

• Gentle and pleasant fragrance

• Soft and creamy consistency for easy application

• 100% grey/white coverage

• Maximum results, shine and long lasting colour service colours

PPD free

Paraphenylenediamine—more commonly known as PPD—is a chemical substance that is commonly found in permanent hair color and other dyes. An allergy to PPD can result in widespread contact dermatitis, as well as hives and, in rare severe cases, anaphylaxis. we believe it’s important to use safer alternatives whenever possible.

Resorcinol free

Resorcinol is a skin irritant, and is frequently the ingredient that users are allergic to in hair dye. ... According to the Campaign for Safe Cosmetics, studies in animals show that resorcinol disrupts thyroid function, and exposure can be damaging to the immune system.


Argan Oil

One of the most nutrient oils for hair. It leaves the hair well treated, silky soft and shiny.


Concentrated glycolic extract from Sun flower seeds. It protects the hair against damage from free radicals.

Jojoba Oil

Provides nourishing care and protects the hair.

Karite’ butter Also known as Shea Butter protects and hydrates even the

most damaged hair.

Wheat Protein

Protect and reconstruct the root fibers.


Makes the colouring process less aggressive with respect for

the hair structure.

Lemon, mandarin and grapefruit seed oil

Essential fruit oils provide revitalizing care and adds shine.

Peach and Apricot seed oil

Provides care, and softness to the hair.


A revolutionary system that protects and provide care during hair colouring. This will significantly reduce colour loss and prolong the colour intensity and durability. A specially developed formula of special key ingredients adds an anti-static shield and silky effect. Essential oils for exceptional gloss, high protection and vital care and moisture.

Are you excited for your next colour service?

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