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How to Properly Achieve Most fashion Colors...

So many people have been calling and asking if I can dye their hair Ombre with the bottom portion of their hair being silver or gray. This is a new trend that has gone viral on the internet and I have to admit, it looks awesome! However, There are quite a few things you need to know before attempting this and there are a few decisions you’ll have to make before going out and getting this process done. If you have a look around social media, you will see many people tagging #GrannyHair and it’s become one of the most awesome hair trends lately. Getting your hair to naturally gray is totally possible, all you have to do is wait… a LONG TIME! But Don’t worry, if you’re looking to start the process of getting your hair to this color sooner, I can do it for you, but the bad news is you’re still going to have to wait. Just not as long! In this article I am going to show you how to start this process so that you can get this awesome look too! Are you ready to soak up all the information on how much maintenance, time, and money it takes?!

The first question you should ask yourself before starting on this look is, are you willing to put your hair through the potential damage from bleach and hair dye? Do not take this question lightly, no pun intended, because stripping all that color off your hair IS going to cause some damage. But having a professional do it for you will mean the difference between managing the damage and having to chop off a huge chunk of your hair because you accidentally fried it by processing the bleach or dye incorrectly.

So here are the main questions you need to be able to answer before coming in to Espoir Hair Salon:
  1. Are you willing to go through the bleaching process and risk some damage to your hair?

  2. When was the last time you dyed your hair and what type of dye did you use if so?

  3. Are you willing to come in multiple times over the next few months to achieve the look you’re going for?

  4. Are you willing to lose some length from your hair?

If you have naturally light-blonde hair it’s a lot easier to get you to the gray you’re looking for. However, if not, that means you’ll have to bleach your hair to strip out all of the color before dying your hair. Even having this process done by a professional can lead to some breakage and damage to your hair. In the end, your hair will become a bit thinner and sometimes stylists will recommend that you cut a small amount of length off in order to keep your hair as healthy as possible! To keep your hair as healthy as you possibly can, be sure to follow the steps below. Make sure you’re mentally prepared though, these steps may drastically change your hair. Don’t forget, It takes some time to get used to such a drastic change!

Stop dying your hair 6 months before you start the process to dye your hair grey.

Just stop! Make sure you grow out your hair to the point where your previously dyed hair has had a chance to be mostly gone. This way the bleaching process will get you to an even color all over.

Make sure you get a conditioning treatment done by a professional about 1 or 2 weeks before starting this process.

Bleach is certainly going to damage your hair some. A deep conditioning treatment will help minimize the breakage and dryness of your hair.

Stop washing your hair for at least 48 hours before bleaching your hair.

During the bleaching process the natural oils in your hair will end up helping to protect your scalp against any irritation you may experience during the bleaching process.

Mentally prepare to cut off some length.

Since bleaching your hair ends up causing some damage, cutting off dead or broken hair may be necessary.

If you’ve been dying your hair for a while now, changing colors may not be a big deal to you. However, this color may not be for everyone. It can still end up looking awesome on you and if for some reason you’re not happy with it, you can always dye it another color!

After all these precautions If you’re still ready to go gray, or blue or ? here are the steps:



Time: (1-3 Hours) Cost Estimate: $95-200 Gray dye on light blonde hair is going to result in the proper gray color that’s become a big trend right now. If you’re going from another dyed color to blonde, you may have to go through a couple of bleaching processes before it’ll get to the right tone. This process can become very time consuming and can end up costing hundreds of dollars depending on your hair length and type. Be ready to spend a few hours in the chair!



Time: 15-20 Minutes Cost Estimate: $47 If you’re wondering why you would need a violet toner, it’s because violet is the color that will directly counteract with any of the yellow left over in your hair. If you take a look at the color wheel, you will see that they are directly across from each other. One will cancel the other one out. In order for your grays to look right, you’ll need to get your hair to a white or silver undertone, which is exactly the color you get when you apply a purple toner to hair with yellow undertones.

This color wheel will show you that violet or purple cancels out any yellow undertones.



Time: 30-55 Minutes Cost Estimate: $125 Once you’ve had your hair bleached and toned, you’ll be ready for your stylist to apply the gray hair dye to your hair. Don’t be frightened though, the dye will look purple when being applied. This process can roughly take anywhere from 30 minutes to an hour depending on your hair.

TOTAL COSTS: This can range from $372-600 for the entire process depending on your hair type. The prices above reflect the costs if you had those processes done individually during separate visits.



This is one of the MOST IMPORTANT STEPS after getting your hair dyed gray. I can’t stress this enough because this is the step that most people ignore and then wonder what happened to their hair. If you want to take the best care possible of your new hair color please do yourself a favor and purchase the correct products to do so!

  1. Use a shampoo and conditioner that’s color-safe and make sure it’s also sulfate-free

  • Using any product in your hair that has sulfates will surely strip the color out of your hair. Shampoos with sulfates are generally the ones you’ll find for a cheap price at the grocery store. Make sure you purchase the professional stuff and ask your stylist for some recommendations. At Espoir Hair Salon I sell Id Hair Haircare products which are also cruelty-free.

  1. Use a color-depositing product in your hair to restore some of the gray that may have washed out.

  • Gray is a color that can fade very quickly. If you want to keep your hair as vibrant as possible, apply some silver or gray depositing product between your visits to your stylist as needed. This will keep the color looking fresh! This is a process you can do on your own every 2 weeks or so as you start noticing it fading.

  1. Touch up your roots every 6 weeks or so.

  • Of course your hair is going to keep growing. Be sure to keep coming back about every 6 weeks to touch up your roots or as necessary.

Of course there are some people who are going to want the look of the darker roots. You can certainly stretch out the time between your appointments if you want to opt for the more ombre gray look instead.

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