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The Journey from Dark to Blonde

It's a question hair stylists receive often, Can this be done in on session? The answer can be yes or no. There are multiple factors that go into the answer. Most importantly is your hairs integrity or health. What has your hair been through in the past few years? Are there underlying highlights covered with the dark color? Have you had professional color or at home color?

That last one is my First Question in a Consultation. Here's Why:

  • Can you see the back of your own head? No matter how many mirrors you have it is hard to do. You may be able to see your own hairline and parts of the front, but what about the back?? Color is meant to go on new growth only! That means your roots that you have grown in up to the line of your previous color. Once you overlap previous color with new harsh chemicals you are not only causing more damage but creating splotchy, uneven color results.

  • Changing color is easier said than done. The average person is unaware that artificial color does not lift artificial color. Going from brown to blonde at home is not going to happen. Even going from blonde to dark isn’t easy. Box color doesn’t contain “fillers” or “extra missing pigment”, things the average person doesn’t realize they need. Switching from box to professional also isn’t guaranteed because of the different dyes in the two.

  • Professional, licensed hairstylists went to school for this. Porosity, density, elasticity. Any idea what those mean? Professionals who received their license all went to school and passed their state board exam. Those are all words we throw around daily and know exactly how they all play a factor in the end result of a hair color service. Box color doesn’t give you a brief description as to their meaning; let alone how to test for them.

It's necessary for the New Guest Intake form to be completed before this service. I gather the information needed to better understand your goal and hair history. I can communicate with you prior to your service about the journey we will be starting together.

After we discuss your hair history I make a plan to get you to your hair goal. These types of services are considered color Correction, If you book the service for Vivids, All over color change or color correction you will have a 4 hour window for me to work with your hair.

From Start to finish you will know exactly what steps I am taking to maintain your hair's integrity and how to maintain it at home.

With this guest, she had been having profesional color applied at the salon. She had been to a couple of salons along the way to maintain the dark color. She also was upfront and honest that prior to being this color she was very blonde to start.

So I know that for a time period she was very blonde. I know about how long ago she started having it colored dark. And because she shared with me where she had the services done I know what color lines were used. With all of this information I can then determine what steps need to be taken to go lighter.

We discussed how much length she was wanting to be removed for her haircut and did a rough cut so no product was being wasted.

The next step was to see how much of the dark color could be lifted without lightener or "bleach". I used MalibuC CPR. This is a professional color remover. It does not remove all but does lift some artificial pigment.

There are many different techniques that can be used for this journey. Because the end result that this guest wants to have, I did a Full Balayage application. This did get more lift than I had anticipated. It's definitely not a pretty color. And she understood that there is an in between color phase that we just have to be okay with for a small amount of time.

This also allowed me to see the bands or "timeline" of past color applications. So the next session I can formulate accordingly.

I never use just one color; instead, I often create a formula using two or three colors that will give you the best results. I can adjust that formula based on the condition of your hair. I also have different techniques for applying color based on your hair condition. Applying color to hair in great condition is completely different from applying color to hair that has been damaged or is very porous. I care about the condition of your hair and want to make it look and feel great. Over a period of time professional color will still have your hair feeling healthy while long term box color use tends to dry hair and leave it looking dull.

Side by Side of Session 1 and Session 2. I lifted more color and the hair needed another healthy trim, which was discussed at the last appointment but she wanted to get used to these changes.

Session 3

Full Foil Hi Lights and Low Lights. Not a single hair was left out of foil. With all of these lightening sessions we have been using Olaplex to maintain the hairs integrity.

Learn more about Olaplex here.

Final Results of Session 3

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