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May all who enter as guests,

Leave as friends.

balayage highlights

Confident Women.

Low-maintenance Hair.


Ending The Salon Search

If you are looking for a place where you feel listened to, you have found that place. I believe we have to work together to achieve your hair goal. It takes communication, patience and a little extra planning but it's worth the wait. Click below to start your new hair journey.

Curly Hair

With my techniques, tips and products I can help you avoid shrinkage after a cut as well as give you the knowledge to take home and have a beautiful, manageable, curly mane.


Lived-In Color

Using hair painting techniques coupled with a color melting glaze I can help you achieve the color you want while lengthening time between your hair appointments.

Energy Healing

Through energy techniques, we release the blockages caused by pent-up negativity and free your body’s energy to move through you, improving your mood and your potential.

Both reiki and integrated energy therapy

Noblesville Indiana's Elite Dimensional Color and Blonding Expert

I'm so excited to take you on your next hair journey. I want your experience to break the mold of what you've seen or heard before, and open your eyes to the next generation of hair health, hair care and color palettes. Get Big City styles like Balayage with a home town budget. Feel the difference 

with IET & Reiki Sessions. Private Beauty Salon in the heart of Noblesville IN.

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